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About WaxAttracts

The mission of Waxattracts is to change the idea of simple candles into fun, innovative, and great smelling mold candles that look amazing before you even light the wick. Waxattracts is owned by a small group made from the garage of a little home in St. George, Utah. This means that every candle is personally made, with much time and effort into insuring the quality of each individual candle. Creativity is the number one word of Waxattracts. The goal is to make candles that truly do, attract.

Waxattracts candles are all handmade with soy and beeswax, which have been scientifically proven to be healthier to inhale than most modern day candles, which use the cheaper and alternative paraffin wax. By only using soy and beeswax, Waxattracts also supports farms and farmer economy, as well as minimizing the pollution caused by the production of paraffin waxes. 

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